In the nasty skirmish of humanity where mankind turns on one another

Where every man is for himself and brother against brother

There is one section of society that is constantly under fire

From both its ilk and others, the situation dire.


Women have long faced darts laced with poison

The poison of doubt, insecurity and relentless opposition

The enemy is not easily unmasked or defined

When women themselves choose to turn on their kind.


With snide comments and open hostility,

Women choose to undermine their capability

And instead align themselves with the thought

That our potential would turn up to nought.


Be it Hillary’s forlorn but determined acceptance speech,

Or the protests to Irom Sharmila’s love;bitter and screech,

We’ve time and again been forsaken by the vey section we champion

And lost many an important milestone and winnable bastion.


If there’s one thing that can see a reversal in fortunes,

It’s the lessening of spite and feeling of doom,

The feeling that leads us to pull women down

And grab all the fame, success and renown.


For here is a fact, as true and sure as the dawn

Women need to support women and there’s place for everyone

More women in power would create boundless opportunities

For us to move out of the shell of “minorities”


Every woman successful is a testament to the fact

That when she is supported and adequately backed

There is no force on earth that can restrain our power

No bar on planet that we cannot lower.


So let’s pledge ourselves to be open and accepting

Of every step, be it small or blinding

That moves in the direction of growth and emancipation

And gives us renewed hope and anticipation.




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